You Can Know Who’s visiting your Facebook Profile


Facebook which connects some millions of people by providing so many features like video call, voice call, emojis, Gif’s, Video profile Picture and so many things like many are maintaining pages, groups and communities. Apart from all these we ever wonder of the things which are not provided by it, I’m saying about knowing the profile visitors. I have thought of this so many times and missed orkut badly not just because of this but privacy and security also. It is not tough to Know Who’s visiting your Facebook Profile if you go through this article.
Know Who’s visiting your Facebook Profile
After orkut Facebook is the most popular social networking site connecting people, why wouldn’t one think of who’s watching their profile. Actually if it is known then you can easily know if someone has crush on you by knowing whether they are checking or not.To Know who’s Visiting your Facebook Profile you just head to your timeline and press right click, there you can see the option page source. Click on the page source where you can see the source of your entire profile, there press Ctrl+F you can see a search box where you should type InitialChatFriendsList .
It will head to that where you u can find some set of numbers list, don’t wonder what are these set of numbers but they are profile numbers of people who watched you profile. Just copy the number you see and type it after For example if you see a number like this  “100013054118401-2”

Then add this to but not the 2 after slash, Now you can Know Who’s visiting your Facebook Profile easily with these simple steps. Hope you have got an idea about this, don’t wait to watch who’s interested in you.

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