How To Recover The Screen Lock Password


How To Recover The Screen Lock Password Forgot your Phone password which you kept to hide your secrets?Despite of having so many accounts on social networks, apps and many more people often forget their passwords.

Interesting thing is you can recover those social networking sites passwords by getting a code to your phone. But what if you forget the password for your mobile which you use 24 hours? so in this article we will tell you How To Recover The Screen Lock Password.So Don’t worry when you are forgot your phone password.
How To Recover The Screen Lock Password
Process of How To Recover The Screen Lock Password :

As there are several ways to recover don’t worry even if you give so many wrong attempts it gets hanged without resetting and losing data. First know the easiest method to recover if it won’t work then we will tell you other methods also, any quick decision will cost your photos, videos, data….

If you have tried many attempts in unlocking your phone with the wrong password then it gets locked, it shows the timer then after which you have type the right password.

Also after giving so many wrong passwords the click on forgot password if you have given any security question for this then provide the answer or if you have synchronized any mail then you will get a pass code which you have enter.

If you don’t remember the password then switch off your phone and on it after some time, Now press volume button+lock button +home screen at a time where you can see the Factory mode. There select the factory reset option without losing any data, Just make sure to draw a pattern which resembles a letter in your name or a digit in contact number.

If not just note it somewhere which helps you to unlock easily when you forget. This is the method How To Recover The Screen Lock Password.

My suggestion is rather setting a password just make sure to download some app locker, which you can use that for hiding some apps so that they would be safe instead of unlocking each and every time.


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