How to Install and Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number


Do you Know? We Can Install and Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Yes it is true. we can Install and use whatsapp without phone number. Now a days whatsapp is very common app in our smart phones everybody using this whatsapp for sending messages, Pics, videos etc.Using whatsapp we can also talk with our friends. We all know these things.

Whatsapp Without Phone Number

But here every whatsapp customer have their phone number with whatsapp account. Then only whatsapp account will open Right? But here one interesting Trick, We can use whatsapp without phone numbers also. Very few members knows this trick.

I will tell you how to use your whatsapp without phone number here.

Step 1:

Download whatsapp from your Google Playstore. Then install it on your phone.


Install the Textnow app from Google Playstore and process it. After completed the process Textnow App will give you one Special number for you.

Note: Note this special number on Paper or some other place

Step 3:

Then comes to whatsapp. Click the Whatsapp icon on you phone then continue the process. Its asking verification number then enter this “Textnow Special number” in that Box.

Then Wait for Verification By sms for 2 minutes.

If Sms Not coming Then select verification by call Option.

Step 4 :

Now go to your Textnow app. Here you will get a verification call . Answer that verification call note that verification code


Enter this Verification code in Whatsapp. Now You will Successfully run your whatsapp account without your phone number. Enjoy you whatsapp without phone Number. if you have any questions please comment below. Thanks to all.




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