Big Boss Telugu Vote – Star Maa Big Boss 2 Telugu Voting – Contestants Missed Call Numbers – Eliminations


Star Maa Big Boos Telugu Vote Season 2 Contestants Online Voting Poll – Missed Call Numbers and Eliminations Details

Big Boss Telugu Vote – BIGG BOSS is Telugu Reality show aired in Star Maa with fine record TRP rating and made Star Maa a No. 1 Telugu tv channel. You can watch it Mon to Friday @9.30 PM and Sat-Sun @9PM.

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BIGG BOSS Telugu 2 Vote :  Big Boss Telugu Season 2 Hosted By Natural Star Nani

Season one of Bigg Boss has telecasted with 16 distinguished faces including 2 wild card entries for 70 days. The contestants who entered Bigg Boss house on Day One are Prince an actor, Adarsh an actor, Mumaith Khan an actress and dancer, Dhanraj a comedian, Archana an actress and classical dancer, Shiva Balaji an actor, Hari Teja an actress and Tv host, Kalpana a singer, Sampoornesh babu an actor, Jyothi an actress, Mahesh Kathi a movie critic, Madhu Priya a singer, Kathi Karthika TV Host, Sameer an actor. The two wild card entries are Diksha Panth am actress and Navadeep an actot.

The significant reason behind the top record ratings of Star Maa was the host Young heart throb Jr. NTR, hosted exceptionally with his delightful presentation.

Siva Balaji named as a Bigg Boss Season One winner among the five finalists (Archana, Navadeep, Hariteja, Adarsh) and awarded 50 Lakh rupees. Elsewhere, Adarsh was left as runner up for the Bigg Boss season one.

Now, Bigg Boss turned back to home of Star Maa with name of Season two.

        Tollywood Natural Star Nani kickstarts Bigg Boss Season two with 16 interesting contestants on 10th June 2018. In this 13 housemates are celebrity contestants and 3 are unknown common people. Who will live under one roof for 106 Days monitored by multiple cameras. It constitutes some fun, excitement and drama. BIGG Boss house is full of tasks and surprises.

BIGG BOSS SEASON TWO HOUSEMATES : Big Boss Telugu 2 Contestants

The 13 celebrity housemates are:

 Geetha Madhuri –  A singer
Amit Tiwari – An Actor
Deepthi Nallamothu – TV Host
Tanish Alladi – An Actor
Babu Gogineni – An Indian humanist, Rationalist and Human rights activist,
Bhanu sree Reddy – An Actress
Roll Rida – A Rapper
Syamala – An Actress And TV Host
Kireeti Damaraju – An Actor
Deepthi Sunaiana – An Instagram star and youtuber
Kaushal – An Actor
Tejaswi Madivada – An Actress
Samrat Reddy – An Actor.
Samrat Reddy – An Actor

The 3 commoners are

Ganesh a Radio Jockey, Sanjana Anne a model and Nutan Naidu a Social Activist.

In 1st week elimination Sanjana Anne got evicted from Bigg Boss House and there ia wild card entry Nandini Rai an actress.

How to vote Big Boss Telugu 2 contestants in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 : Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Online Voting Poll – Missed Call Numbers Details


Method – 1:

To vote for your favorite contestants give missed cal to the phone numbers assigned to each contestant.


Contestant Name Missed Call Numbers Status
Deepti Sunaina 7729998812  In House
Ganesh  7729998803 Nominated
Kireeti Damaraju 7729998816 Eliminated
Nutan Naidu 7729998809 Eliminated
Sanjana Anne 7729998814 Eliminated
Kaushal Manda 7729998817 In House
Amit Tiwari 7729998813 In House
Samrat Reddy 7729998815 In House
Bhanu Sri 7729998804 Nominated
Deepti Nallamothu 7729998808 In House
Tanish 7729998811 In House
Tejaswi Madivada 7729998806 Nominated
Syamala 7729998802 In House
Babu Gogineni 7729998805 In House
Geetha Madhuri 7729998801 Nominated
Roll Rida 7729998807 In House
Nandini Rai 7729998818 In House


Method – 2 :

How To Vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants

Follow the steps below to vote for your favorite contestant in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. Viewers can save their favourite contestants by casting their votes online.

  • Search for “Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote” or“ Bigg Boss Voting Online” or “Bigg Boss Vote Telugu” or “Bigg Boss Vote 2018” or “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” in Google.
  • Now select your favourite contestant(s) and split your vote as per your wish.
  • You can vote a maximum of 50 votes a day per Google Account.

Elimination process:

        Every Monday housemates nominates some contestants for elimination. Every week, one contestant gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss House on weekend.

Viewers can save their favourite contestants from elimination, by giving their votes through missed cal or online voting.

The contestant who gets less votes will be evicted from the Bigg Boss House.

Star Maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Images


BABU GOGINENI Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Images

Babu Gogineni is the fifth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. He is an Indian Humanist, Rationalist and Human rights activist. He worked as Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union( IHEU). He says, Atheism is my conclusion and Humanism is my identity. He is a soft spoken gentleman. He calls himself as a bigger boss.  Read More



Bhanu Sree Reddy :

Bhanu Sree Reddy Wiki,Bhanu Sree Reddy Biography,Bhanu Sree Reddy Age,Bhanu Sree Reddy Family,Bhanu Sree Reddy Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Bhanu is the sixth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. She entered the stage with a performance on Jigelu Rani song. She is an actress and worked as body double for Tamanna is Bahubali movie. She is also called as Bhanu Tripathi. She made her debut in the movie “Iddari Madhya 18”She has also worked in the Telugu movies like ‘Marla Puli’, ‘Kumari 21F’, ‘Baahubali, ‘Katamarayudu’. She is very honest and straight forward. Read More





 Geetha Madhuri Sonti Wiki,Geetha Madhuri Sonti Biography,Geetha Madhuri Sonti Age,Geetha Madhuri Sonti Family,Geetha Madhuri Sonti Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Geetha Madhuri is the first person to enter the Bigg Boss House. She is a South Indian playback singer and dubbing artist. She entered the Bigg Boss House after performing on her own song Pakka Local. Geetha Madhuri has 2.5 Million followers on Facebook. . Read More..



Amit Tiwari Wiki,Amit Tiwari Biography,Amit Tiwari Age,Amit Tiwari Family,Amit Tiwari Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Amit Tiwari is the second housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. He entered the stage performing on Billa title song. He is a South Indian actor known for negative roles in number of Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films. His famous movies are Tiyaan (2017), Prabhat Nagari (2012), Rising of Sarpanch (2014). He is very interested in traveling, gymming, playing cricket and dancing. Read More



Deepthi is the third person to enter the Bigg Boss House. She is from vijayawada. She is a popular television anchor. She is doing “Edhi Real Edhi Wiral” provram in Tv9 news channel. She is an actress also. She loves eating and cooking. Believes in God…. Read More




Tanish is the fourth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. He rocks the stage by performing on Mahesh Babu’s song “I don’t know”. He is a Tollywood actor, started his career as child artist in 1999, in Prema Katha movie. His debut as hero is Nachavule (2008) was a big hit. Tanish worked with Nani in a movie named Ride. Nani knows Tanish from childhood, Read More…



ROLL RIDA Wiki,ROLL RIDA Biography,ROLL RIDA Age,ROLL RIDA Family,ROLL RIDA Big Boos 2 Telugu Images


Roll Rida is the seventh housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. He shares the stage with Mumaith Khan while performing their own song before entering the Bigg Boss House. He is a Rapper and singer from Hyderabad. He is famous for his songs Patang and kattif in youtube.He worked as Quality Analyst in Tech Mahindra Company and after few years he resigned.. Read More



Syamala :

Syamala Wiki,Syamala Biography,Syamala Age,Syamala Family,Syamala Big Boos 2 Telugu Images


Syamala is the eighth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House after giving her performance on Chiranjeevi’s song Andhalalo ahomahodhayam. Syamala is an actress, a Tv host and social media sensation.She is active in the television for more than 5 years and has appeared in a few Telugu movies like Loukyam and Oka Laila Kosam (2014)  in supporting roles.

Read More 



Kireeti Damaraju :

Kireeti Damaraju Wiki,Kireeti Damaraju Biography,Kireeti Damaraju Age,Kireeti Damaraju Family,Kireeti Damaraju Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Kireeti is the ninth contestant to enter the Bigg Boss House. He is an software engineer, turned actor from Guntur. He started his acting career with short films “Ontiganta” and “Anukokunda”. He also appeared in “Many Happy Returns” a serial directed by Gunnam Gangaraju. He made his movie debut in  Telugu film “Uyyala Jampala”, 2013.

Read More..



Deepthi Sunaiana :

Deepthi Sunaiana Wiki,Deepthi Sunaiana Biography,Deepthi Sunaiana Age,Deepthi Sunaiana Family,Deepthi Sunaiana Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Deepthi Sunaiana is the tenth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. She is an Instagram star with 600k followers and youtuber with 700k viewers. She is a cute dubsmasher and also an actress. Her debut movie is Kirrak party. The major reason for her fame is her dancing and singing acts that grab the audience in her day to day life.

Read More..



Kaushal Manda:

Kaushal Manda Wiki,Kaushal Manda Biography,Kaushal Manda Age,Kaushal Manda Family,Kaushal Manda Big Boos 2 Telugu ImagesKaushal is the eleventh housemate to enter into the Bigg Boss House. He is an actor, model, photographer, an encee and a groomer of professional models. In the year 1982, he grabbed the National Best Child Artist award for this drama.He dod modelling  for more than 178 ad films that include Grasim, Babaj, Boxer, Tide, Maruthi, GMR, LG, Vijaya Textiles.,o optex, Cmr, Giyardino, Read More…




Tejaswi Madivada :

 Tejaswi Madivad Wiki,Tejaswi Madivad Biography,Tejaswi Madivad Age,Tejaswi Madivad Family,Tejaswi Madivad Big Boos 2 Telugu ImagesTejaswi Madivada is the twelfth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. She performed on a beautiful song Jhoomani Jhoomani aade from Padmavathi movie on stage before entering the Bigg Boss House. She is a dance choreographer turned actress. Who made her debut with super hit movie Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu in 2013. Read More 


Samrat Reddy :

Samrat Reddy Wiki,Samrat Reddy Biography,Samrat Reddy Age,Samrat Reddy Family,Samrat Reddy Big Boos 2 Telugu ImagesSamrat is the thirteenth housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House. His real name is Guduru Venkata Satya Krishna Reddy. He is a Tollywood actor. Samrat made his debut as an actor through the movie “Yuvakulu” which was directed by Sai Venkat in the year 2004. Read More…


Ganesh :

Ganesh Wiki,Ganesh Biography,Ganesh Age,Ganesh Family,Ganesh Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Ganesh is the fourteenth housemate and first commoner to enter the Bigg Boss House. His full name is Ganesh Sai Pavan Kumar. He is a software engineer and part time Radio Jockey at Hot Radio. Read More >>>


Sanjana Anne :

Sanjana Anne Wiki, Biography,Songs,Age,Family,Caste,Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Images

Sanjana Anne is the fifteenth housemate to enter bigg boss and also second commoner. Sanjana Anne is from vijayawada. She is Miss Hyderabad in 2016 and also Miss India finalist. Her dream is to become a film actress and looking for great offers. Read More >>>


Nutan Naidu :

Nutan Naidu Wiki,Nutan Naidu Biography,Nutan Naidu Age,Nutan Naidu Family,Nutan Naidu Big Boos 2 Telugu Images

Nutan Naidu is the sixteenth and the last housemate to enter the Bigg Boss House on Day one. He is the contestant from common people. A common man, leens towards the upliftment of the society and is a social worker. He has enormous political influence both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Read More >>>



Nandini Rai :

Nandini Rai Wiki,Nandini Rai Biography,Nandini Rai Age,Nandini Rai Family,Nandini Rai Big Boos 2 Telugu ImagesNandini Rai entered the Bigg Boss House in second week, after the elimination os Sanjana Anne. Nandini was supposed to enter the Bigg Boss House on first day itself, but due to face injury, she started her journey in Bigg Boss House from Day Eight. Nandini Rai is a Tollywood film actress, a model and the winner of Miss Andhra Pradesh 2010. Read More >>>


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